Sleep No More Yamaha Report

I’ve been included on this report from Yamaha on the Sleep No More production I worked on last year, nice quote!

The much anticipated Asian premiere of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, the immersive theatre show that has been hit in New York City for over five years, has arrived in Shanghai. The Shanghai production is produced by Punchdrunk International and SMG Live.

Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More contains virtually no spoken language. The action of the performance is centered around physical theatre and dance. This is combined with a cinematically detailed set design and richly atmospheric lighting and sound designs to create a unique world.

Yamaha have provided the sound equipment for the production, as part of a unique sound design that spans 90 different rooms, across 6 floors in the building where the action of the show takes place.

At any one time there can be up to different 96 sound sources, transmitting into different parts of the performance space, made possible through through Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions and fully supporting the Dante Network.

“We have been able to create a very special sound design for the show in Shanghai” said Sleep No More Shanghai’s Sound Design Associate, Steven Dove.

Read the full article here…

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