A London Soundwalk

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, a sound-walk around a major city! Well Professor Trevor Cox has done just that (albeit a couple of years back), starting at Tottenham Court Rd station and finishing somewhere between Leicester Square and Covent Garden. The idea of the walk is that it passes through central London’s many sound worlds – traffic, shopping plaza’s, cafes, markets etc – and the idea is that you take in the sounds, stopping off at certain points to note down what you notice. This isn’t a new idea, Hildegard Westerkamp among others have been talking about this for a while but what got me thinking was the difference of sounds in such a small area.

A friend of mine was speaking about a documentary he wanted make on the road that leads from Aldgate East, through Shoreditch, Dalston, Stamford Hill etc and out of London. Just one straight road that covers such diverse neighbourhoods, you have a large asian community in Aldgate, Dalston has a huge Caribbean population and as you head North past Stoke Newington there’s the Hasidic Jew community. It would be really interesting to do such an audio walk using some binaural microphones. My next step is locating someone who has such things that I can borrow! Any volunteers?

For now, follow this link for Prof Cox’s description of his audio walk. In due time i’ll upload my audio walk of London’s uniquely diverse A10.

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